Ok, youโ€™re scrolling through Facebook and your workmate Linda has just shared a confronting image, an island of plastic floating in the ocean that your sure would be visible from space!๐Ÿ’”In a fleeting moment, you feel anger, sadness, guilt and an urge to act…to sign that petition, donate to Ocean Wise or change your consumption habits to reduce your environmental footprint. You click through to the article, itโ€™s as horrible as you thought, but you read on, then onto another article and another and another. As you emerge from the vortex of environmental deluge your previous enthusiasm shrinks under the weight of the problem. How can you possibly make a difference? Well simple, by adopting our ten tips to reduce your environmental footprint and be on the right side of history.

Here we go, ten tips you can implement right now to reduce your environmental footprint.

Green Sprouts tip #1:

Back to the bar! Switch out your honeysuckle, jasmine, unicorn sparkle blah blah shower gel for a good olโ€™ fashion bar of soap. Whatโ€™s that I hear you say? โ€œI donโ€™t want to share my soapโ€, well you’re in luck, you can buy some of these groovy soap sacks and everyone has their dedicated washing implement, winning! Oh, and since you’re on a roll you may as well switch out the shampoo & conditioner for bars too.

Green Sprouts tip #2:

Did you know the first plastic toothbrush you ever used is still on the planet somewhere? How many have you replaced since then? Jump on the sustainability train and get a bamboo toothbrush, available at most health food stores. If your feeling really adventurous here’s a recipe for homemade toothpaste as well!

Green Sprouts tip #3:

Pick up a KeepCup for your coffee fix, enough said.

Green Sprouts tip #4:

Lips are for more than kisses ๐Ÿ’‹. You can use them to drink from a cup! Yep, no straw required. Alright, alright if you’re a sucker for a straw get yourself a reusable one, steel or bamboo will do the trick and can easily fit in your bag to have on hand…or lip, ย when needed. Grab them at your local health food store or supermarket.

Green Sprouts tip #5:

Get rid of your stage five clinger! Ok letโ€™s talk, cling wrap is just not a user-friendly product, are you with me on this? From the fine motor maneuvers to start the roll off, to the wonky ripped segment and mission impossible moves from bench to bowl only to be confronted with the final irony, it doesn’t stick aaargh! ย Its a nightmare, one that also leaves the environment breaking a sweat. Move on and get yourself some beeswax wraps. Theyโ€™re super easy to use and you can make them yourself – check out a step by step guide here. Let’s let go of the foil while we’re at it.

Green Sprouts tip #6:

Get yourself some reusable shopping bags and mesh wash bags to hold your loose produce. Keep them in the car all the time, so you’re never doing a cat in the hat impression in the carpark.

Green Sprouts tip #7:

Break out your Sunday best and head on down to your local market for some good vibes and even better fresh seasonal produce. Not a plastic bag or pointless package in sight! And you get an A+ for conscious consuming.

Green Sprouts tip #8:

Get reacquainted with your local butcher and take your own container to take the produce home. Youโ€™ll be supporting local business and you can have a chat about where your food comes from. โ€œItโ€™s too expensive you sayโ€ perfect! How about putting a couple of vego meals on the weekly rotation? Both your bank account and the planet will thank you for it.

Green Sprouts tip #9:

Phase out the chemical cleaners. There are much cheaper, natural alternatives that are gentle on you and the environment. Plain old white vinegar to wipe down surfaces, bi-carb soda for showerheads, salt and lemon to polish silver or how about a few drops of orange oil in warm water to clean the floors. Nana will be quietly smiling at this past time. There is a stack of recipes for natural homemade cleaners online.

Green Sprouts tip #10:

Give it a new life. Some people go to their happy place by gardening, some with yoga and some from taking their day off to sift through the racks at the local op-shop hunting for that forgotten treasure. If you can purchase it second hand, youโ€™ll be doing the planet and your wallet a favour. Give it a go, you might just find your happy place.

Ok, there it is our top ten actionable tips to start reducing your environmental footprint today!

We should all be given the opportunity to feel proud of our contribution to a more sustainable future. You can start to benefit by introducing just a few simple changes to walk a little lighter on the earth.