Family daycare

"Our philosophy and practice by its very nature embodies a holistic approach to environment."

In partnership with families, the childโ€™s "first and most influential teachers" Green Sprouts has developed a learning program responsive to childrenโ€™s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities. A home-like environment has been lovingly and consciously created where children are surrounded with beauty, truth and goodness in every activity of their day. Supporting children in an ebb and flow of consistent rhythm: daily, weekly, seasonal and celebratory; helps the children to move through their day and week in a safe and predictable environment that is so necessary for the healthy development of boundaries, physical skills and ultimately inspires trust in their world. Children learn through play and their innocence, wonder and creativity is nurtured by valuing the importance of fantasy and imaginative free play and experiences within the program. Materials for play are naturalistic and earth friendly and we aim to reflect the natural beauty of the environment in our play settings.

As we consciously prepare our learning journeys, we focus on being at one with Mother Earth and being in tune with her cycles and nature. We utilise her gifts in providing seasonal toys and handwork opportunities for children. We embody the seasons in our songs, stories, crafts and cooking. We immerse ourselves in being connected. When we are connected, we experience a sense of belonging to the cosmos. We are all responsible for the health of the planet and when we live with this sense of belonging, we want to take responsibility.

We acknowledge the original green keepers of the land, the Aboriginal people. We look to their culture knowledge in living sustainably and we recognise that it is now our turn to continue this knowledge and way for generations to come. We belong to humanity. We embrace and celebrate the diversity of families and respect they come from a range of cultural, linguistic, economic and social backgrounds possessing diverse ideas, abilities and needs.

Our connection to Mother Earth stimulates our concern for her wellbeing as we become aware of the interrelationship between ourselves, the environment and animals. We explore ways to preserve and nurture our environment through reducing our waste, recycling, composting, conserving and gardening. Our use of natural materials and toys lessens our environmental footprint. We seek to actively develop relationships with animals around us, to connect with them in order to care for them. With new knowledge and understandings, we are becoming green.

"We nourish ourselves as we nourish Mother Earth!"

If you would like to explore enrolment in the Green Sprouts program and the benefits of a sustainable centre please contact our facilitator Bek with your name, email, phone and preferred days. Many Blessings!