Case Studies

A snapshot of how we can help your centres green journey.


Green Sprouts conducted a full waste audit for the centre. We began by accessing the current system and operational procedures of the team, as well as the children's exposure and participation in recycling. A strategic plan was developed to present manageable solutions along with an activation plan to implement them in a timely manner. The result was a 38% reduction in the centres waste going to landfill.


Green Sprouts was engaged to implement a compost system with an operational plan to activate it across the centre. The Green Sprouts team managed every aspect from initial assessment, process documentation, support material through to the fit out and build of the compost area. A great outcome to manage and repurpose the centres organic waste. The system was used as an education tool to address Quality Area 3.


Green Sprouts was engaged to review current resources, materials and produce used within the centre and advise on more sustainable consumption habits. As commercial consumers we have a responsibility to our environment and children to make conscious buying decisions. Green Sprouts conducted a review of the current buying decisions and presented new guidelines to implement into the centre on its journey to sustainability.


Green Sprouts was asked to present several professional development workshops on environmental sustainability that would foster community and better engage parents, family and carers into the centres program. Green Sprouts delivered four programs to meet this goal.